Website Benchmarking and Evaluation

We conduct web site audits, benchmarks and evaluations using the Webagility system, along with a unique Digital Quotient.

Webagility has been developed over the past 14 years and has evolved to take into account the rapid evolution of the digital landscape. It is a unique and industry-leading methodology of auditing web site effectiveness.

In 2011, after more than a decade of setting standards in benchmarking and auditing South African web sites, World Wide Worx introduced a new dimension – taking web site analysis from best practice to best experience.

Webagility was originally designed to benchmark web sites against best practice and against local and global competitors. The basic audit can include usability, content strategy, transactional effectiveness, investor relations and brand strategy.

Relaunched in 2011, it now includes a range of social media measures and benchmarks, as well as an overall Digital Quotient. The full Digital Quotient provides an ongoing measure across all forms of digital engagement. A customised service, Webagility Plus, is designed to meet increasingly differentiated needs of sites with a unique value proposition.

Webagility Vision

In 2012, a new element was added to the service, using cutting-edge eye-tracking tools that measure precisely how a user experiences a web site or mobile app. Based on the resultant analysis, web sites or apps can be optimised both on the basis of best practice and the practical outcome of immediate impact.

This makes the tool, called Webagility Vision, ideal for both existing web sites or apps and those under development.

Webagility Plus

The Webagility Plus service is similar to the general Webagility, but it comprises a fully customised analysis process, intended for sites, services and applications that have unique components, tools and strategies implemented. It is designed to meet increasingly differentiated needs of sites with a unique value proposition, and structure and quotation is based on consultation.

The bottom line

Webagility offers clients one of two outcomes: a strategic blueprint for refinement or redevelopment of the site or service, or validation of existing strategies. The goal of Webagility is a road map for a more effective digital presence.

For more information on Webagility, contact  World Wide Worx.

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