What We Do

World Wide Worx is South Africa’s leading independent technology research and strategy organisation, with a focus on technology in business strategy. It offers a range of research and strategic services, surveys, benchmarks and reports intended to provide both industry intelligence and strategic insight into the hi-tech economy.

Why World Wide Worx?

We understand change. Our core activities of market research, trends analysis, strategic analysis and strategy development provide a powerful platform on which to supply clients and the market with decision support and strategic direction.

By understanding the environment in which they operate, and responding to the current and potential changes in that environment, enterprises’ activities can be more successful and profitable. We believe that understanding change is the key to managing change, and an essential tool for directing business strategy. While technology is both a key platform for change and a key driver of change, it is an understanding of the role of technology that is the enabler of change.

Our services

Market research

World Wide Worx conducts leading edge and industry-relevant market research on trends in information technology, telecommunications and the strategic business challenges that arise as a result of changes and developments in these areas. Our independent research reports include the following topics:

* Trends in cellular usage among businesses and consumers;
* Online access, online retail, online banking and online media trends and strategies;
* The IT and telecoms markets;
* Factors in the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises.

We conduct independent research, both self-funded and sponsored. Our scientific methodologies and independence also offer credibility to commissioned research projects undertaken on behalf of specific clients.

* For a comprehensive list of our current research, please download our research brochure.
* For more information on our research, please contact Arthur Goldstuck by e-mail (arthurg@internet.org.za) or contact us on the numbers alongside.

Strategy development and decision support

Our team of specialised analysts and industry experts leverages World Wide Worx research as a platform from which to develop strategic understanding of the business and technology landscape on behalf of clients.

We offer decision support services to clients exploring new business directions that are influenced by technology and telecommunications trends. These may include:

* Position papers;
* Trends analysis;
* Market analysis;
* Client and competitor analysis;
* Strategic guidance;
* Evaluation of competing technology solutions.

Industry update briefings and workshops

World Wide Worx offers a range of industry briefings tailored to the specific information and strategic requirements of clients.

Our research provides us with an on-the-ground understanding of major developments in technology with specific applicability to local conditions and needs. We combine an understanding of global trends with the South African and African environment, as well as with the developing world in general.

Our workshops, briefings and presentations include:

* General technology trend overviews;
* Specialised technology trend updates;
* Strategic trends in use of information and communications technology in business;
* Keynote addresses and presentations at conferences, AGMs and customer events;
* Sales force and executive training in understanding the technology and telecommunications environment in which they operate.

Web site and Intranet audits

Our Webagility system is a unique and industry leading methodology of auditing web site effectiveness. Webagility is designed to benchmark web sites against best practice and against local and global competitors. The audit includes usability, content strategy, transactional effectiveness, investor relations and brand strategy.

Read more about Webagility here ….

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