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Gadget magazine turns 24 this month, but is not resting on the laurels of being South Africa’s longest-running technology magazine.

Launched in 1998, it has continued breaking new ground, such as releasing the country’s first media NFT (non-fungible token) last year, and breaking the story in 2016 of a South African tracking down the lost Apollo 11 onboard computer.

Today, Gadget publisher World Wide Worx introduces the country’s first automotive technology magazine, titled GadgetWheels. It focuses on news and reviews of new cars on the one hand, and on the other hand the specific technologies, gadgets and features that are changing the motoring experience of every individual.

“The decision to launch a car tech title has been a long-time coming and always seemed a good idea,” says Gadget editor-in-chief and World Wide Worx founder Arthur Goldstuck.

“This year, however, we are seeing a near-gridlock of electronic vehicle (EV) launches, along with advances in on-board technology across all ranges of cars. It feels as if the new motoring era is finally upon us, and we intend to record the revolution as it happens.”

Gadget has already established itself as a leading source of coverage of in-car infotainment systems, autonomous vehicle technology, and the evolution of EVs. It has been a forerunner of demonstrating these technologies in South Africa, and has tested EVs across the world.

Gadget this month also introduced the first tech news channel on the Ayoba app, a chat and information app that has more than 12-million users across Africa. Within three weeks, the Gadget channel had more than 20,0000 followers.

“We are seeing a thirst for technology insights, perspectives and reviews throughout the continent,” says Goldstuck. “We expect similar demand for information on the technology that will be powering our vehicles in the coming years.”

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