A new Vision for online presence


After more than a decade of setting standards in benchmarking and auditing South African web sites, World Wide Worx has introduced a new approach to testing usability in the digital world.

It has unveiled an analysis tool called Webagility Vision, which uses both user experience and specialist tools and analysis to provide a benchmarked assessment of a web page, mobile app, mobi site or any other digital material.

The service uses cutting-edge eye-tracking tools that measure precisely how a user experiences a web site and mobile app or site. Based on the resultant analysis, sites or apps can be optimised on the basis of both best practice and practical outcome. This makes the tool ideal for both existing sites or apps and those under development.

“While the established Webagility service evaluates a web site from a best practice perspective, the Vision tool has the effect of placing the site or app owner inside the heads of the audience, seeing through the eyes of the user,” says Arthur Goldstuck, managing director of World Wide Worx. “Not only is it in-depth, but also cross-platform, and is equally effective for web sites and for smartphone or tablet apps.”

The Vision service comprises a suite of analysis tools, which reveals all areas where users’ eyes focus and fixate, provides a visual representation of what is seen and what is invisible, ranks the strength of focus on distinct site elements, and establishes the overall sequence in which visitors explore a page. It includes video animation of this sequence and of eye-movement on screen.

“Webagility Vision is taking the best practice approach used in traditional web site analysis in South Africa and adding best experience,” says Goldstuck. “What goes where – on a site or app – is now well-understood by designers. But the user’s response to that practice is still a mystery – and Webagility Vision unlocks the mystery.”

The full service is geared towards corporate clients, but a scaled-down version is also available for a quick analysis of sites or apps under development.

“Webagility Vision is the first in-depth, cross-platform digital analysis tool in South Africa,” says Goldstuck. “It can, for example, measure the effectiveness of a Facebook or Twitter presence at the moment of exposure to a visitor, compare it with that of competitors, and then provide a road map for enhancing its effectiveness.”

The system can be customised for internal assessment of in-house Intranets, materials, activity and processes. It joins several other Webagility tools:

* The long-established Webagility audit, which benchmarks usability, content strategy, transactional effectiveness, investor relations and brand strategy;
* A customised service, Webagility Plus, designed to meet increasingly differentiated needs of sites with a unique value proposition;
* A range of social media measures and benchmarks;
* A broad Digital Quotient, which tracks digital performance of an organisation over time. The full Digital Quotient provides an ongoing measure across all forms of digital engagement.

* For more information, contact World Wide Worx by e-mail or phone +27-11-7827003

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